The Role of a Guardian

The Role of a Guardian

Why is it important to appoint an Guardianship Organisation based in the United Kingdom

Boarding Schools require children from Europe and Overseas to appoint a responsible guardian permanently based in the UK. This must be someone capable of dealing effectively with practical, pastoral and educational issues throughout the academic year.

Parents and Schools require reassurance that the appointed Guardianship Organisation can be relied upon to respond immediately to emergencies and difficulties taking responsibility for your child.

The role and responsibilities of a Guardianship Organisation

  • Provide a 24 hour emergency contact telephone number for parent, child and school.
  • Provide appropriate assistance to the parent, child and school in an emergency, illness, school closure, suspension or expulsion.
  • Provide appropriate family accommodation due to flight cancellations or delays.


  • Liaise with parent, school and child regarding any pastoral issues as they arise.
  • Arrange suitable family accommodation for School holidays .
  • Organise overnight family accommodation for early morning flight departures or late night arrivals.
  • Arrange transportation to and from Schools/Heritage Family/Airports at beginning/end of terms and half terms.


  • Attend Parent/Teacher Meeting.
  • Provide written report to parents on teachers’ comments.
  • Follow up any parental concerns throughout the Academic Year.

Heritage Educational Planning is a friendly organisation with many years experience which specialises in offering a comprehensive Guardianship Service to children when studying in the UK.

Heritage is always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Please contact us on 01423 520126 or email for further information including the costs of the service we provide.

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